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君安  But as it was a clear moonlight night, and they found the savagesin great disorder about their dead and wounded men, and a greatnoise and hurry among them where they lay, they afterwards resolvedto fall upon them in the night, especially if they could come togive them but one volley before they were discovered, which theyhad a fair opportunity to do; for one of the Englishmen in whosequarter it was where the fight began, led them round between thewoods and the seaside westward, and then turning short south, theycame so near where the thickest of them lay, that before they wereseen or heard eight of them fired in among them, and did dreadfulexecution upon them; in half a minute more eight others fired afterthem, pouring in their small shot in such a quantity that abundancewere killed and wounded; and all this while they were not able tosee who hurt them, or which way to fly.

手机I thought, long before this, that as we came nearer to Europe weshould find the country better inhabited, and the people morecivilised; but I found myself mistaken in both: for we had yet thenation of the Tonguses to pass through, where we saw the sametokens of paganism and barbarity as before; only, as they wereconquered by the Muscovites, they were not so dangerous, but forrudeness of manners and idolatry no people in the world ever wentbeyond them. They are all clothed in skins of beasts, and theirhouses are built of the same; you know not a man from a woman,neither by the ruggedness of their countenances nor their clothes;and in the winter, when the ground is covered with snow, they liveunderground in vaults, which have cavities going from one toanother. If the Tartars had their Cham Chi-Thaungu for a wholevillage or country, these had idols in every hut and every cave.This country, I reckon, was, from the desert I spoke of last, atleast four hundred miles, half of it being another desert, whichtook us up twelve days' severe travelling, without house or tree;and we were obliged again to carry our own provisions, as wellwater as bread. After we were out of this desert and had travelledtwo days, we came to Janezay, a Muscovite city or station, on thegreat river Janezay, which, they told us there, parted Europe fromAsia.君安手机注册注册

君安All the country between the river Oby and the river Janezay is asentirely pagan, and the people as barbarous, as the remotest of theTartars. I also found, which I observed to the Muscovite governorswhom I had an opportunity to converse with, that the poor pagansare not much wiser, or nearer Christianity, for being under theMuscovite government, which they acknowledged was true enough - butthat, as they said, was none of their business; that if the Czarexpected to convert his Siberian, Tonguse, or Tartar subjects, itshould be done by sending clergymen among them, not soldiers; andthey added, with more sincerity than I expected, that it was not somuch the concern of their monarch to make the people Christians asto make them subjects.手机君安手机注册注册From this river to the Oby we crossed a wild uncultivated country,barren of people and good management, otherwise it is in itself apleasant, fruitful, and agreeable country. What inhabitants wefound in it are all pagans, except such as are sent among them fromRussia; for this is the country - I mean on both sides the riverOby - whither the Muscovite criminals that are not put to death arebanished, and from whence it is next to impossible they should everget away. I have nothing material to say of my particular affairstill I came to Tobolski, the capital city of Siberia, where Icontinued some time on the following account.君安手机We had now been almost seven months on our journey, and winterbegan to come on apace; whereupon my partner and I called a councilabout our particular affairs, in which we found it proper, as wewere bound for England, to consider how to dispose of ourselves.They told us of sledges and reindeer to carry us over the snow inthe winter time, by which means, indeed, the Russians travel morein winter than they can in summer, as in these sledges they areable to run night and day: the snow, being frozen, is oneuniversal covering to nature, by which the hills, vales, rivers,and lakes are all smooth and hard is a stone, and they run upon thesurface, without any regard to what is underneath.

注册君安But I had no occasion to urge a winter journey of this kind. I wasbound to England, not to Moscow, and my route lay two ways: eitherI must go on as the caravan went, till I came to Jarislaw, and thengo off west for Narva and the Gulf of Finland, and so on toDantzic, where I might possibly sell my China cargo to goodadvantage; or I must leave the caravan at a little town on theDwina, from whence I had but six days by water to Archangel, andfrom thence might be sure of shipping either to England, Holland,or Hamburg.手机As for Will Atkins, who was now become a very industrious, useful,and sober fellow, he had made himself such a tent of basket-work asI believe was never seen; it was one hundred and twenty paces roundon the outside, as I measured by my steps; the walls were as closeworked as a basket, in panels or squares of thirty-two in number,and very strong, standing about seven feet high; in the middle wasanother not above twenty-two paces round, but built stronger, beingoctagon in its form, and in the eight corners stood eight verystrong posts; round the top of which he laid strong pieces, knittogether with wooden pins, from which he raised a pyramid for ahandsome roof of eight rafters, joined together very well, thoughhe had no nails, and only a few iron spikes, which he made himself,too, out of the old iron that I had left there. Indeed, thisfellow showed abundance of ingenuity in several things which he hadno knowledge of: he made him a forge, with a pair of woodenbellows to blow the fire; he made himself charcoal for his work;and he formed out of the iron crows a middling good anvil to hammerupon: in this manner he made many things, but especially hooks,staples, and spikes, bolts and hinges. But to return to the house:after he had pitched the roof of his innermost tent, he worked itup between the rafters with basket-work, so firm, and thatched thatover again so ingeniously with rice-straw, and over that a largeleaf of a tree, which covered the top, that his house was as dry asif it had been tiled or slated. He owned, indeed, that the savageshad made the basket-work for him. The outer circuit was covered asa lean-to all round this inner apartment, and long rafters lay fromthe thirty-two angles to the top posts of the inner house, beingabout twenty feet distant, so that there was a space like a walkwithin the outer wicker-wall, and without the inner, near twentyfeet wide.



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