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澳门  We had just entered Europe, having passed the river Kama, which inthese parts is the boundary between Europe and Asia, and the firstcity on the European side was called Soloy Kamaskoy, that is, thegreat city on the river Kama. And here we thought to see someevident alteration in the people; but we were mistaken, for as wehad a vast desert to pass, which is near seven hundred miles longin some places, but not above two hundred miles over where wepassed it, so, till we came past that horrible place, we found verylittle difference between that country and Mogul Tartary. Thepeople are mostly pagans; their houses and towns full of idols; andtheir way of living wholly barbarous, except in the cities andvillages near them, where they are Christians, as they callthemselves, of the Greek Church: but have their religion mingledwith so many relics of superstition, that it is scarce to be knownin some places from mere sorcery and witchcraft.

娱乐澳门娱乐场官方全博场官A LITTLE while after this there came in a Dutch ship from Batavia;she was a coaster, not an European trader, of about two hundredtons burden; the men, as they pretended, having been so sickly thatthe captain had not hands enough to go to sea with, so he lay by atBengal; and having, it seems, got money enough, or being willing,for other reasons, to go for Europe, he gave public notice he wouldsell his ship. This came to my ears before my new partner heard ofit, and I had a great mind to buy it; so I went to him and told himof it. He considered a while, for he was no rash man neither; andat last replied, "She is a little too big - however, we will haveher." Accordingly, we bought the ship, and agreeing with themaster, we paid for her, and took possession. When we had done sowe resolved to engage the men, if we could, to join with those wehad, for the pursuing our business; but, on a sudden, they havingreceived not their wages, but their share of the money, as weafterwards learned, not one of them was to be found; we inquiredmuch about them, and at length were told that they were all gonetogether by land to Agra, the great city of the Mogul's residence,to proceed from thence to Surat, and then go by sea to the Gulf ofPersia.

澳门娱乐Nothing had so much troubled me a good while as that I should missthe opportunity of going with them; for such a ramble, I thought,and in such company as would both have guarded and diverted me,would have suited mightily with my great design; and I should haveboth seen the world and gone homeward too. But I was much bettersatisfied a few days after, when I came to know what sort offellows they were; for, in short, their history was, that this manthey called captain was the gunner only, not the commander; thatthey had been a trading voyage, in which they had been attacked onshore by some of the Malays, who had killed the captain and threeof his men; and that after the captain was killed, these men,eleven in number, having resolved to run away with the ship,brought her to Bengal, leaving the mate and five men more on shore.澳门娱乐场官方全博场官澳门Well, let them get the ship how they would, we came honestly byher, as we thought, though we did not, I confess, examine intothings so exactly as we ought; for we never inquired anything ofthe seamen, who would certainly have faltered in their account, andcontradicted one another. Somehow or other we should have hadreason to have suspected, them; but the man showed us a bill ofsale for the ship, to one Emanuel Clostershoven, or some such name,for I suppose it was all a forgery, and called himself by thatname, and we could not contradict him: and withal, having nosuspicion of the thing, we went through with our bargain. Wepicked up some more English sailors here after this, and someDutch, and now we resolved on a second voyage to the south-east forcloves, &c. - that is to say, among the Philippine and Malaccaisles. In short, not to fill up this part of my story with trifleswhen what is to come is so remarkable, I spent, from first to last,six years in this country, trading from port to port, backward andforward, and with very good success, and was now the last year withmy new partner, going in the ship above mentioned, on a voyage toChina, but designing first to go to Siam to buy rice.娱乐

场官In this voyage, being by contrary winds obliged to beat up and downa great while in the Straits of Malacca and among the islands, wewere no sooner got clear of those difficult seas than we found ourship had sprung a leak, but could not discover where it was. Thisforced us to make some port; and my partner, who knew the countrybetter than I did, directed the captain to put into the river ofCambodia; for I had made the English mate, one Mr. Thompson,captain, not being willing to take the charge of the ship uponmyself. This river lies on the north side of the great bay or gulfwhich goes up to Siam. While we were here, and going often onshore for refreshment, there comes to me one day an Englishman, agunner's mate on board an English East India ship, then riding inthe same river. "Sir," says he, addressing me, "you are a strangerto me, and I to you; but I have something to tell you that verynearly concerns you. I am moved by the imminent danger you are in,and, for aught I see, you have no knowledge of it." - "I know nodanger I am in," said I, "but that my ship is leaky, and I cannotfind it out; but I intend to lay her aground to-morrow, to see if Ican find it." - "But, sir," says he, "leaky or not leaky, you willbe wiser than to lay your ship on shore to-morrow when you hearwhat I have to say to you. Do you know, sir," said he, "the townof Cambodia lies about fifteen leagues up the river; and there aretwo large English ships about five leagues on this side, and threeDutch?" - "Well," said I, "and what is that to me?" - "Why, sir,"said be, "is it for a man that is upon such adventures as you areto come into a port, and not examine first what ships there arethere, and whether he is able to deal with them? I suppose you donot think you are a match for them?" I could not conceive what hemeant; and I turned short upon him, and said: "I wish you wouldexplain yourself; I cannot imagine what reason I have to be afraidof any of the company's ships, or Dutch ships. I am no interloper.What can they have to say to me?" - "Well, sir," says he, with asmile, "if you think yourself secure you must take your chance; buttake my advice, if you do not put to sea immediately, you will thevery next tide be attacked by five longboats full of men, andperhaps if you are taken you will be hanged for a pirate, and theparticulars be examined afterwards. I thought, sir," added he, "Ishould have met with a better reception than this for doing you apiece of service of such importance." - "I can never beungrateful," said I, "for any service, or to any man that offers meany kindness; but it is past my comprehension what they should havesuch a design upon me for: however, since you say there is no timeto be lost, and that there is some villainous design on handagainst me, I will go on board this minute, and put to seaimmediately, if my men can stop the leak; but, sir," said I, "shallI go away ignorant of the cause of all this? Can you give me nofurther light into it?"澳门娱乐R.C. - But did you tell her what marriage was?



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