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直播It happened one night that the governor, the Spaniard whose life Ihad saved, who was now the governor of the rest, found himself veryuneasy in the night, and could by no means get any sleep: he wasperfectly well in body, only found his thoughts tumultuous; hismind ran upon men fighting and killing one another; but he wasbroad awake, and could not by any means get any sleep; in short, helay a great while, but growing more and more uneasy, he resolved torise. As they lay, being so many of them, on goat-skins laid thickupon such couches and pads as they made for themselves, so they hadlittle to do, when they were willing to rise, but to get upon theirfeet, and perhaps put on a coat, such as it was, and their pumps,and they were ready for going any way that their thoughts guidedthem. Being thus got up, he looked out; but being dark, he couldsee little or nothing, and besides, the trees which I had planted,and which were now grown tall, intercepted his sight, so that hecould only look up, and see that it was a starlight night, andhearing no noise, he returned and lay down again; but to nopurpose; he could not compose himself to anything like rest; buthis thoughts were to the last degree uneasy, and he knew not forwhat. Having made some noise with rising and walking about, goingout and coming in, another of them waked, and asked who it was thatwas up. The governor told him how it had been with him. "Say youso?" says the other Spaniard; "such things are not to be slighted,I assure you; there is certainly some mischief working near us;"and presently he asked him, "Where are the Englishmen?" "They areall in their huts," says he, "safe enough." It seems the Spaniardshad kept possession of the main apartment, and had made a place forthe three Englishmen, who, since their last mutiny, were alwaysquartered by themselves, and could not come at the rest. "Well,"says the Spaniard, "there is something in it, I am persuaded, frommy own experience. I am satisfied that our spirits embodied have aconverse with and receive intelligence from the spirits unembodied,and inhabiting the invisible world; and this friendly notice isgiven for our advantage, if we knew how to make use of it. Come,let us go and look abroad; and if we find nothing at all in it tojustify the trouble, Ill tell you a story to the purpose, thatshall convince you of the justice of my proposing it."篮球看吧直播篮球

直播They went out presently to go up to the top of the hill, where Iused to go; but they being strong, and a good company, nor alone,as I was, used none of my cautions to go up by the ladder, andpulling it up after them, to go up a second stage to the top, butwere going round through the grove unwarily, when they weresurprised with seeing a light as of fire, a very little way fromthem, and hearing the voices of men, not of one or two, but of agreat number.篮球篮球看吧直播直播Among the precautions I used to take on the savages landing on theisland, it was my constant care to prevent them making the leastdiscovery of there being any inhabitant upon the place: and whenby any occasion they came to know it, they felt it so effectuallythat they that got away were scarce able to give any account of it;for we disappeared as soon as possible, nor did ever any that hadseen me escape to tell any one else, except it was the threesavages in our last encounter who jumped into the boat; of whom, Imentioned, I was afraid they should go home and bring more help.Whether it was the consequence of the escape of those men that sogreat a number came now together, or whether they came ignorantly,and by accident, on their usual bloody errand, the Spaniards couldnot understand; but whatever it was, it was their business eitherto have concealed themselves or not to have seen them at all, muchless to have let the savages have seen there were any inhabitantsin the place; or to have fallen upon them so effectually as not aman of them should have escaped, which could only have been bygetting in between them and their boats; but this presence of mindwas wanting to them, which was the ruin of their tranquillity for agreat while.篮球直播We need not doubt but that the governor and the man with him,surprised with this sight, ran back immediately and raised theirfellows, giving them an account of the imminent danger they wereall in, and they again as readily took the alarm; but it wasimpossible to persuade them to stay close within where they were,but they must all run out to see how things stood. While it wasdark, indeed, they were safe, and they had opportunity enough forsome hours to view the savages by the light of three fires they hadmade at a distance from one another; what they were doing they knewnot, neither did they know what to do themselves. For, first, theenemy were too many; and secondly, they did not keep together, butwere divided into several parties, and were on shore in severalplaces.

篮球直播The Spaniards were in no small consternation at this sight; and, asthey found that the fellows went straggling all over the shore,they made no doubt but, first or last, some of them would chop inupon their habitation, or upon some other place where they wouldsee the token of inhabitants; and they were in great perplexityalso for fear of their flock of goats, which, if they should bedestroyed, would have been little less than starving them. So thefirst thing they resolved upon was to despatch three men awaybefore it was light, two Spaniards and one Englishman, to driveaway all the goats to the great valley where the cave was, and, ifneed were, to drive them into the very cave itself. Could theyhave seen the savages all together in one body, and at a distancefrom their canoes, they were resolved, if there had been a hundredof them, to attack them; but that could not be done, for they weresome of them two miles off from the other, and, as it appearedafterwards, were of two different nations.篮球We were now under sail again, but I was the most disconsolatecreature alive for want of my man Friday, and would have been veryglad to have gone back to the island, to have taken one of the restfrom thence for my occasion, but it could not be: so we went on.We had one prisoner, as I have said, and it was a long time beforewe could make him understand anything; but in time our men taughthim some English, and he began to be a little tractable.Afterwards, we inquired what country he came from; but could makenothing of what he said; for his speech was so odd, all gutturals,and he spoke in the throat in such a hollow, odd manner, that wecould never form a word after him; and we were all of opinion thatthey might speak that language as well if they were gagged asotherwise; nor could we perceive that they had any occasion eitherfor teeth, tongue, lips, or palate, but formed their words just asa hunting-horn forms a tune with an open throat. He told us,however, some time after, when we had taught him to speak a littleEnglish, that they were going with their kings to fight a greatbattle. When he said kings, we asked him how many kings? He saidthey were five nation (we could not make him understand the plurals), and that they all joined to go against two nation. We askedhim what made them come up to us? He said, "To makee te greatwonder look." Here it is to be observed that all those natives, asalso those of Africa when they learn English, always add two es atthe end of the words where we use one; and they place the accentupon them, as makee, takee, and the like; nay, I could hardly makeFriday leave it off, though at last he did.



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