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微乐  I stood still an hour or thereabouts without trespassing on ourorders (for so long the caravan was in passing the gate), to lookat it on every side, near and far off; I mean what was within myview: and the guide, who had been extolling it for the wonder ofthe world, was mighty eager to hear my opinion of it. I told himit was a most excellent thing to keep out the Tartars; which hehappened not to understand as I meant it and so took it for acompliment; but the old pilot laughed! "Oh, Seignior Inglese,"says he, "you speak in colours." - "In colours!" said I; "what doyou mean by that?" - "Why, you speak what looks white this way andblack that way - gay one way and dull another. You tell him it is

棋牌I knew this must be the young woman who was his mother's servant,for there was no other Christian woman on the island: so I beganto persuade him not to do anything of that kind rashly, or becausebe found himself in this solitary circumstance. I represented tohim that he had some considerable substance in the world, and goodfriends, as I understood by himself, and the maid also; that themaid was not only poor, and a servant, but was unequal to him, shebeing six or seven and twenty years old, and he not above seventeenor eighteen; that he might very probably, with my assistance, makea remove from this wilderness, and come into his own country again;and that then it would be a thousand to one but he would repent hischoice, and the dislike of that circumstance might bedisadvantageous to both. I was going to say more, but heinterrupted me, smiling, and told me, with a great deal of modesty,that I mistook in my guesses - that he had nothing of that kind inhis thoughts; and he was very glad to hear that I had an intent ofputting them in a way to see their own country again; and nothingshould have made him think of staying there, but that the voyage Iwas going was so exceeding long and hazardous, and would carry himquite out of the reach of all his friends; that he had nothing todesire of me but that I would settle him in some little property inthe island where he was, give him a servant or two, and some fewnecessaries, and he would live here like a planter, waiting thegood time when, if ever I returned to England, I would redeem him.He hoped I would not be unmindful of him when I came to England:that he would give me some letters to his friends in London, to letthem know how good I had been to him, and in what part of the worldand what circumstances I had left him in: and he promised me thatwhenever I redeemed him, the plantation, and all the improvementshe had made upon it, let the value be what it would, should bewholly mine.微乐棋牌游戏大厅游戏

大厅His discourse was very prettily delivered, considering his youth,and was the more agreeable to me, because he told me positively thematch was not for himself. I gave him all possible assurances thatif I lived to come safe to England, I would deliver his letters,and do his business effectually; and that he might depend I shouldnever forget the circumstances I had left him in. But still I wasimpatient to know who was the person to be married; upon which hetold me it was my Jack-of-all-trades and his maid Susan. I wasmost agreeably surprised when he named the match; for, indeed, Ithought it very suitable. The character of that man I have givenalready; and as for the maid, she was a very honest, modest, sober,and religious young woman: had a very good share of sense, wasagreeable enough in her person, spoke very handsomely and to thepurpose, always with decency and good manners, and was neither toobackward to speak when requisite, nor impertinently forward when itwas not her business; very handy and housewifely, and an excellentmanager; fit, indeed, to have been governess to the whole island;and she knew very well how to behave in every respect.微乐微乐棋牌游戏大厅棋牌The match being proposed in this manner, we married them the sameday; and as I was father at the altar, and gave her away, so I gaveher a portion; for I appointed her and her husband a handsome largespace of ground for their plantation; and indeed this match, andthe proposal the young gentleman made to give him a small propertyin the island, put me upon parcelling it out amongst them, thatthey might not quarrel afterwards about their situation.游戏大厅This sharing out the land to them I left to Will Atkins, who wasnow grown a sober, grave, managing fellow, perfectly reformed,exceedingly pious and religious; and, as far as I may be allowed tospeak positively in such a case, I verily believe he was a truepenitent. He divided things so justly, and so much to every one'ssatisfaction, that they only desired one general writing under myhand for the whole, which I caused to be drawn up, and signed andsealed, setting out the bounds and situation of every man'splantation, and testifying that I gave them thereby severally aright to the whole possession and inheritance of the respectiveplantations or farms, with their improvements, to them and theirheirs, reserving all the rest of the island as my own property, anda certain rent for every particular plantation after eleven years,if I, or any one from me, or in my name, came to demand it,producing an attested copy of the same writing. As to thegovernment and laws among them, I told them I was not capable ofgiving them better rules than they were able to give themselves;only I made them promise me to live in love and good neighbourhoodwith one another; and so I prepared to leave them.

微乐棋牌One thing I must not omit, and that is, that being now settled in akind of commonwealth among themselves, and having much business inhand, it was odd to have seven-and-thirty Indians live in a nook ofthe island, independent, and, indeed, unemployed; for except theproviding themselves food, which they had difficulty enough to dosometimes, they had no manner of business or property to manage. Iproposed, therefore, to the governor Spaniard that he should go tothem, with Friday's father, and propose to them to remove, andeither plant for themselves, or be taken into their severalfamilies as servants to be maintained for their labour, but withoutbeing absolute slaves; for I would not permit them to make themslaves by force, by any means; because they had their liberty giventhem by capitulation, as it were articles of surrender, which theyought not to break.游戏We thought it better to delay it till the next night, because thecaravan being to set forward in the morning, we suppose thegovernor could not pretend to give them any satisfaction upon uswhen we were out of his power. The Scots merchant, as steady inhis resolution for the enterprise as bold in executing, brought mea Tartar's robe or gown of sheepskins, and a bonnet, with a bow andarrows, and had provided the same for himself and his countryman,that the people, if they saw us, should not determine who we were.All the first night we spent in mixing up some combustible matter,with aqua vitae, gunpowder, and such other materials as we couldget; and having a good quantity of tar in a little pot, about anhour after night we set out upon our expedition.



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