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  After we passed this mighty nothing, called a wall, something likethe Picts' walls so famous in Northumberland, built by the Romans,we began to find the country thinly inhabited, and the peoplerather confined to live in fortified towns, as being subject to theinroads and depredations of the Tartars, who rob in great armies,and therefore are not to be resisted by the naked inhabitants of anopen country. And here I began to find the necessity of keepingtogether in a caravan as we travelled, for we saw several troops ofTartars roving about; but when I came to see them distinctly, Iwondered more that the Chinese empire could be conquered by suchcontemptible fellows; for they are a mere horde of wild fellows,keeping no order and understanding no discipline or manner of it.Their horses are poor lean creatures, taught nothing, and fit fornothing; and this we found the first day we saw them, which wasafter we entered the wilder part of the country. Our leader forthe day gave leave for about sixteen of us to go a hunting as theycall it; and what was this but a hunting of sheep! - however, itmay be called hunting too, for these creatures are the wildest andswiftest of foot that ever I saw of their kind! only they will notrun a great way, and you are sure of sport when you begin thechase, for they appear generally thirty or forty in a flock, and,like true sheep, always keep together when they fly.

This was her own relation, and is such a distinct account ofstarving to death, as, I confess, I never met with, and wasexceeding instructive to me. I am the rather apt to believe it tobe a true account, because the youth gave me an account of a goodpart of it; though I must own, not so distinct and so feeling asthe maid; and the rather, because it seems his mother fed him atthe price of her own life: but the poor maid, whose constitutionwas stronger than that of her mistress, who was in years, and aweakly woman too, might struggle harder with it; nevertheless shemight be supposed to feel the extremity something sooner than hermistress, who might be allowed to keep the last bit somethinglonger than she parted with any to relieve her maid. No question,as the case is here related, if our ship or some other had not soprovidentially met them, but a few days more would have ended alltheir lives. I now return to my disposition of things among thepeople. And, first, it is to be observed here, that for manyreasons I did not think fit to let them know anything of the sloopI had framed, and which I thought of setting up among them; for Ifound, at least at my first coming, such seeds of division amongthem, that I saw plainly, had I set up the sloop, and left it amongthem, they would, upon every light disgust, have separated, andgone away from one another; or perhaps have turned pirates, and somade the island a den of thieves, instead of a plantation of soberand religious people, as I intended it; nor did I leave the twopieces of brass cannon that I had on board, or the extra twoquarter-deck guns that my nephew had provided, for the same reason.I thought it was enough to qualify them for a defensive war againstany that should invade them, but not to set them up for anoffensive war, or to go abroad to attack others; which, in the end,would only bring ruin and destruction upon them. I reserved thesloop, therefore, and the guns, for their service another way, as Ishall observe in its place.828娱乐

Having now done with the island, I left them all in goodcircumstances and in a flourishing condition, and went on board myship again on the 6th of May, having been about twenty-five daysamong them: and as they were all resolved to stay upon the islandtill I came to remove them, I promised to send them further relieffrom the Brazils, if I could possibly find an opportunity. Iparticularly promised to send them some cattle, such as sheep,hogs, and cows: as to the two cows and calves which I brought fromEngland, we had been obliged, by the length of our voyage, to killthem at sea, for want of hay to feed them.828娱乐The next day, giving them a salute of five guns at parting, we setsail, and arrived at the bay of All Saints in the Brazils in abouttwenty-two days, meeting nothing remarkable in our passage butthis: that about three days after we had sailed, being becalmed,and the current setting strong to the ENE., running, as it were,into a bay or gulf on the land side, we were driven something outof our course, and once or twice our men cried out, "Land to theeastward!" but whether it was the continent or islands we could nottell by any means. But the third day, towards evening, the seasmooth, and the weather calm, we saw the sea as it were coveredtowards the land with something very black; not being able todiscover what it was till after some time, our chief mate, going upthe main shrouds a little way, and looking at them with aperspective, cried out it was an army. I could not imagine what hemeant by an army, and thwarted him a little hastily. "Nay, sir,"says he, "don't be angry, for 'tis an army, and a fleet too: for Ibelieve there are a thousand canoes, and you may see them paddlealong, for they are coming towards us apace."I was a little surprised then, indeed, and so was my nephew thecaptain; for he had heard such terrible stories of them in theisland, and having never been in those seas before, that he couldnot tell what to think of it, but said, two or three times, weshould all be devoured. I must confess, considering we werebecalmed, and the current set strong towards the shore, I liked itthe worse; however, I bade them not be afraid, but bring the shipto an anchor as soon as we came so near as to know that we mustengage them. The weather continued calm, and they came on apacetowards us, so I gave orders to come to an anchor, and furl all oursails; as for the savages, I told them they had nothing to fear butfire, and therefore they should get their boats out, and fastenthem, one close by the head and the other by the stern, and manthem both well, and wait the issue in that posture: this I did,that the men in the boats might he ready with sheets and buckets toput out any fire these savages might endeavour to fix to theoutside of the ship.

In this posture we lay by for them, and in a little while they cameup with us; but never was such a horrid sight seen by Christians;though my mate was much mistaken in his calculation of theirnumber, yet when they came up we reckoned about a hundred andtwenty-six canoes; some of them had sixteen or seventeen men inthem, and some more, and the least six or seven. When they camenearer to us, they seemed to be struck with wonder andastonishment, as at a sight which doubtless they had never seenbefore; nor could they at first, as we afterwards understood, knowwhat to make of us; they came boldly up, however, very near to us,and seemed to go about to row round us; but we called to our men inthe boats not to let them come too near them. This very orderbrought us to an engagement with them, without our designing it;for five or six of the large canoes came so near our long-boat,that our men beckoned with their hands to keep them back, whichthey understood very well, and went back: but at their retreatabout fifty arrows came on board us from those boats, and one ofour men in the long-boat was very much wounded. However, I calledto them not to fire by any means; but we handed down some dealboards into the boat, and the carpenter presently set up a kind offence, like waste boards, to cover them from the arrows of thesavages, if they should shoot again.



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